ipCapital Group’s 15th annual THOUGHT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

After 14 years in Vermont, this year’s Thought Leadership Conference is hitting the road.

The Conference is an annual event that brings together 30 to 40 key decision makers across a broad selection of industries to focus on IP issues related to business strategy, value generation and potential disruptions in the business environment. We will be co-hosting this year’s conference at the Willis Tower in Chicago, with one of our preferred IP law firms Marshall Gerstein.

This ¾ day seminar style conference will explore “Linking IP and Business”.  Conference participants are C-Suite, senior executives, IP managers, and other experts charged with providing insight and advice to the CEO/President. 

There are two ways participants will benefit:  1. Briefings and group discussions on IP topics that are directly relevant to business; 2. Opportunity to network with individuals in other industries (we strive to make sure that attendees are not competitors) and get fresh ideas on solutions to persistent problems.

The Conference is fully catered for breakfast and lunch with registration/breakfast starting at 8AM and Opening Remarks at 8:30AM.  The Conference wraps up at 3:30PM sharp to allow for return travel.

Conference Agenda

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